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Mary Harding Copper Leaf Pendant

I had some very happy mail today.  Last month I made a comment in reply to an Inside the Studio Post on the Art Bead Scene Blog, featuring Mary Harding . I wish I knew what date that was as I can't seem to find it now.
To encourage visitors to leave comments they choose one winner from each days comments and I WON.
 Today I received my prize from Mary Harding,  a lovely handcrafted Leaf pendant made from Copper Clay. Not only did Mary send me this lovely piece of art BUT she packaged it ever so beautifully in a hand stamped box wrapped with the most colourful ribbon and as a special treat it was tied to a gorgeous ceramic heart bead that was also made by Mary. I am so delighted with these miniature works of art. I love the warm earthiness of the copper and it's almost duplicated in the glazes used in the ceramic piece.  I think Mary uses real leaves to create her moulds and then can replicate nature in metal or ceramic. The ribbon is a mix of purples and olive green that goes …

Bead Soup Blog Party REVEAL DAY

It's here;  it's  BEAD SOUP showtime. This is going to be one GIGANTIC PARTY  Thanks for stopping by to see what I've been up to lately. 
Lori Anderson, our fearless leader (there are over 500 of us) assigned us partners in March; we then sent our bead soup mixes to each other and once received, we then spent the interim weeks planning, designing, creating and assembling. 
The requirement was to use the focal bead, the clasp , and as many beads as we desired; adding if necessary supplies and beads from our stash (and we all have one), to create a piece of jewellery or art or whatever took our fancy.  (or wherever our muse led us).
If this is your first time to my blog , WELCOME!   To save you from having to search through past posts here is a photo of what my partner Heather d'Entremont sent me and then  photos of the finished piece. 
Here is what I made with just some of what she sent me.    (to use it all would make for a very heavy and busy necklace.)
 This is a shor…