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"We interrupt our challenge schedule to try something new for the month of August....a headpin challenge. But not just any kind of run of the mill headpin.  We're talking fancy schmancy art headpins.
What is an art headpin?'s a headpin that is handcrafted by an artisan, has been manipulated in a manner that is more than just a ball end, and has the potential to be the centerpiece of a creation rather than just playing a supporting roll."   (the above statements are courtesy of  Art Jewelry Elements blog)
Well I checked my stash and rats, I don't own any art headpins.  How did that happen? I love art headpins.  So I'll just have to make my own.  Take some wire -20 gauge; cut two pieces 6 inches long
Now I could just make swirly coiled headpins but that's so meh. 

Lets try soldering. So I make some bends on one end of each wire to create triangles.  Make a bend in the middle of one side to make the long pin part of the headpin. Next-add some solder to fill i…