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Art Elements Rune Challenge Reveal Day

Last month I was lucky enough to be selected to receive a hand made RUNE as part of the Art Elements Monthly Challenge.  Niky Sayers is the talented artist who made this array of Viking Runes in copper clay. The Rune I received is titled SOWELU, meaning Wholeness, Life Force, or The Sun's Energy.
This is the Rune Niky sent to me. It didn't have any holes in it, as she left it up to me if and where I wanted to put any holes.

Based on it's size -5/8 inch x 3/4 inch (14 x 21 mm)- I decided to use it in a bracelet. I decided on 4 holes for best visual and physical balance.
I wanted to create something in keeping with it's rustic nature as well as it's symbolic ties to the past and to nature. I also wanted to incorporate stones that would symbolize The Sun. In my stash I have an assortment of yellow semi-precious gemstones. I chose to use Citrine, and some very rough stones that I think were once labelled Herkimer diamonds (they had previously lost their tag.) They hav…