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soup is here

I got my soup from Heather yesterday. It's full of polymer clay goodies that she made by hand, some really cool mirror image beads (think Rorschach images) in wonderful sherbet colours; lava beads -love the texture of them; yellow-goldy crystals; and gorgeous hand made polymer pendant with black accents , some wonderful shell strands; purple polymer sea urchins, and two clay- filled clasps (with jump rings as well) in two different metals so I have a choice.; a black glass heart and two glass disc beads; a pretty pair of earrings (should I or should I NOT take them apart?); and some various sized giraffe print polymer beads. I am so pumped and can't wait to start sketching ideas.
thanks Heather, what a wonderful treasure chest of beads, and for the
vintage  tin container, with a picture of an RCMP mountie on his horse. ya gotta love a man in uniform .

time to play.

soup is ready to go

got my bead soup made and packaged, now it's off to the post office to mail it.
Hope Heather likes it, it sure looks tasty to me.

Bead Soup on the stove

I got my partner for this years BEAD SOUP BLOG PARTY.
 I've been partnered with Heather d'Entremont from Nova Scotia . She's a polymer clay artist, dog rescuer, and has a large doggie family. I wonder if she knows that dog hair and polymer clay don't mix. LOL
Can't wait to get to know her better and to see some of her work.
If you'd like to meet her pop on over to her blog at

I can't wait to see what soup mixes we exchange.
I'm still working on mine. need to get cracking'.