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Leather Feather Blog Hop

to paraphrase Bugs Bunny

"It's here, it's HERE
Let the bells ring out and the banners fly
feast your eyes on me,
It's too good to be true.
But it's here , it's HERE."

do you remember that episode of the Bugs Bunny cartoon?
OK I guess I am dating myself here.

well, all that preamble just to say welcome to my blog and THE VERY FIRST  Leather Feather Blog Hop.
Our hostess and creator of the wonderful leather feathers is Rachel Mallis

She made 11 sets of feathers and sent ten of them to us (keeping one set for herself of course) so that we could participate in this hop.

I asked for funky colours and I got them . gorgeous purple feathers with an iridescent shimmer  that is green in some angles. and black in other angles, however they don't seem to photograph that way.

so what did I make with these  2 inch long pretties? 
I made earrings of course. 

I first tried using bronze-coloured wire for the spirals and links but, alth…