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Bead Peeps swap 'n' hop

I am taking part in the BEAD PEEPS SWAP 'N' HOP. 
We have been asked to tell a bit about ourselves and our jewellery habits. 
I started jewellery making when I was a wee girl .  My first piece was a pop' n' snap plastic bead necklace. Does anyone remember those? 
Then my next endeavour was to take apart and reconstruct a stretchy candy necklace.  (minus a few pieces lol)  Again, does anyone other than me remember those?
Fast forward several decades and my foray back into jewellery making was due to  getting a job at a local bead and art supply store.  I decided that to sell the products, I had to learn what to do with them. 
 I truly worked for beads . well that's where my paycheque went anyway.
So now I have a embarrassing supply of beads and findings and other good stuff. 
That's where swaps are such a good thing . I get to share my stash. 
I have a rather eclectic style.  I don't think I have found MY VOICE  yet.  So I make as many different styles as I…