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I've gone international

While working  at The Artisan Loft and General Store this week I sold one of my necklaces to a customer, visiting his parents, from the USA. He was looking for a gift to take home to his wife.

what a lovely compliment to me that he couldn't decide which one of two pieces to purchase so I let him send photos to his wife via his iPhone and let her choose.

while waiting to hear back from her he decided which one to buy, a few minutes later she replied   that she liked both but preferred one better and  choose the same one he did.

so it's now on it's way home to San Diego CA.

I am delighted that he bought one of my pieces as his wife is also a jewellery maker, and could make anything she wants.

I'll miss this one. I was thinking of keeping it for myself. but i know it will be appreciated and enjoyed.

change to blog url

I finally had the courage to change the url for my blog. I have been in the process of organising my branding and social media links and this was the last frontier.

If you were  follower of then you will have noticed that the link is gone and you get a note that the blog has been removed.

 all the old content still exists here on this new site.

If you stumbled upon this blog then Welcome.

 I hope to update this blog more frequently now that my website is up and running and my logo is designed and my business cards have arrived and my labels are made. I didnt realise how much piddly work was involved in branding one's product line. Whew!

If you want to see photos of my work or discover where you can see them in person or to shop online  please visit my website @

Thanks for stopping by, and please do come again