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Bead Peeps swap n hop

well today is THE day. It's reveal time for the 2017 bead peeps swap n hop event.  Organized by our hostess Linda Anderson of Cherry on Top Design Co. its a fun way to meet new beady peeps and to challenge ourselves by relying on someone else's bead picks for us.  This is the first time I have participated in this swap . 
*warning Long read ahead * just scroll through the pix if you don't want to read it all.

My partner is a polymer clay artist, Nicole Rennell from Massachusetts, USA. She sent me an amazing example of her latest works -Faux Labradorite, plus an assortment of beady goodies to accent and enhance my design.  just check them out. 
and all these other yummy beads.  sea glass in my favourite blue-green and crystals and african glass discs and silver spacers and e-beads galore. *swoon*

Of course when presented with such choices one has to let the ideas percolate for a while.  How long is a while?  Well lets just say I got th…