Bead Peeps swap n hop

well today is THE day. It's reveal time for the 2017 bead peeps swap n hop event.
 Organized by our hostess Linda Anderson of Cherry on Top Design Co. its a fun way to meet new beady peeps and to challenge ourselves by relying on someone else's bead picks for us. 
This is the first time I have participated in this swap . 

*warning Long read ahead * just scroll through the pix if you don't want to read it all.

My partner is a polymer clay artist, Nicole Rennell from Massachusetts, USA.
She sent me an amazing example of her latest works -Faux Labradorite, plus an assortment of beady goodies to accent and enhance my design. 
just check them out. 
Hand made Faux Labradorite with faux pewter frame look at the size of it. I have large hands btw.
It's a FOCAL piece for sure.
Look at the detail of the faux pewter frame. Isn't it gorgeous?

and all these other yummy beads. 
sea glass in my favourite blue-green and crystals and african glass discs and silver spacers and e-beads galore. *swoon*

all this yumminess just for me.

Of course when presented with such choices one has to let the ideas percolate for a while. 
How long is a while? 
Well lets just say I got these March 10 this year. and now it's April 6 same year, 
and I just finished my pieces to show you all. 
Yeah my muse has been in absentia, 
in fact she has been missing in action for quite some time. 
But I do work best under tight deadlines
what to do with such a large focal? 
Do I make something huge and busy and multi-stranded in an attempt to balance the visual weight?
Or just add it to a chain and call it a day?

Oh No , beady peeps!! 
That won't do.  Enter Pinterest.  
& ta-da, a lightbulb moment

I've been on a tribal search lately and suddenly realized that this focal needed to be the star
 but with some earthy edginess.

While trying to find ms. muse I was tidying up my studio (again) and found a cardboard display with several coils of hardware store wire (from my dad's workshop- but that's a story for another day) priced at $1.90 for three spools from K-mart (which hasn't been in Canada for quite a few years, may I add.)  They are non-rusting steel wire, 16 gauge half round, 19 gauge round, and 22 gauge also round. with pretty pictures on the display to tell one what they are to  be used for.  Home repair??? HA!

Brenda Schweder, move over .lol

I love to play with wire and wrapping it is a favourite technique, but OMG steel wire is really hard on the hands and fingers.and wrists  and dirty, dirty, dirty. 
But I got the edginess I wanted and I think the focal looks amazing, if I do say so myself. 
One of the hardest things for me is deciding when something is finished, is just right, doesn't need another darn thing added. You get the picture. 
I just happened to have some recycled Sari silk in my stash that is the right colour . 
I add some bead links, attach some silk; rats it needs to be shorter -cut the silk? no ! remove the beaded links and now it's the right length.  I didn't want it so long that the focal could end up getting squished, smashed, banged up , dented or broken so a really long necklace seemed inappropriate. Now it falls just mid-cleavage; safe and secure in that location. lol

and one needs earrings to go with  it.....

and a bracelet, just cause I love wearing them.

so now I have a parure of lusciousness. 
(that's french btw - and an intriguing word)

so now that you've waded through this recounting of my process (& God bless you for staying with me thus far) you deserve a treat , so head on over to the other blogs & see what goodies all the other participants have to show you. 

Linda Anderson
Christina Hickman
Catherine LaVite
Barbara Price
Kathy Lindemer
Linda Raggo
Marianne Baxter
Rachelle Walker
Gloria Allen
Ally Asato
Robin Lynne Showstack
Naomi Knafla
Maria Rosa Sharrow
Dana Phillips
Michelle McCarthy
Beth Blanc
Hope Smitherman
Kari Asbury
Shai Williams
Betony Maiden
Inge van Roos
Kelly Hosford Patterson
Kristina Peck
Lori Schneider
Rosantia Petkova
Erika Price 
Claire Fabian
Rachel Mallis
Deb Fortin
Nicole Rennell
Joanne Bell
Johana Nunez
Sam Waghorn
Natalie Davidson
Robin Reed
Faye Wolfenden
Karin King
Seed Beaders
Rebecca White
Palak Udeshi
Penny Houghton
Krafty Max
Heather Canepa
Ginger Bishop
Katy Heider
Renetha Stanziano
Becky Pancake
Tina Pawass
Mowse Doyle
Tami Norris
Minnette Miller
Veralynne Malone


  1. Interesting use of squiggly wire wraps with the piped fabric

  2. Lovely makes. That is one very beautiful focal indeed and I think that you have done a fantastic job of making a balanced, beautiful necklace for it.

  3. WOW...just WOW! That necklace is PERFECTION! I love what you did.. just INCREDIBLE! So excited you joined us this year! I hope that you enjoyed it, and will play with us again! Great work!

    1. thanks Linda . I had fun with this swap and hop. It's great to get o work with beads one doesn't choose but is gifted with , makes for a challenge but a great learning occasion.

  4. First, that focal was indeed amazing. I wouldn't have guessed it was clay. You totally made it the star, but your accents and chain are what help it shine. I can tell you put plenty of thought into this and didn't just throw it together. Fabulously done!

  5. Nice pieces! I love the necklace. You did a great job with the design. The focal is beautiful and I would have found it challenging.

  6. Your Parure is Tres Chic! I love the addition of the silk ribbon to the necklace, it adds softness without taking away from edgy look

  7. Hi Deb, You showcased that beautiful focal perfectly. All three of your pieces are great.

  8. The designs of your "suite" of jewelry is "sweet". See what I did there? You did that beautiful focal justice! Just stunning!

  9. That necklace is amazing! The wired links really set it off.

  10. The wire wrapping is a great design accent - it's perfect for the focal and will also help the sari silk ribbon to keep its shape as a cord, i.e. not to be pulled down. I also use hardware wire sometimes :)

  11. Wow that necklace with the pewter pendant and silk cord: Amazing!

  12. What a beautiful focal! You made a wonderful necklace with it and that sari silk.

  13. I have to say that you did that focal justice! Just lovely


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