Resin Time is Anytime

Last fall I participated in a wonderful event with 80+ other jewellery designers.
We were each given a bronze finish watch bezel to fill with our own inclusions that were then covered with ETI resin. The theme, materials, and composition were to be our own design.
We then sent the finished piece back to Carmi Cimicata at Resin Crafts.

She took them to the CHA (craft and hobby association) show in Anaheim CA , this January 2014, to demonstrate the versatility and design potential of ETI resin and resin clay.
It was a great display booth; check out her blog Resin Crafts to see what every one made and how she set up her display at CHA.
Carmi has also set up a special Pinterest board showcasing all the entries submitted. It's a truly wonderful and inspiring group of design pieces.

I am so delighted and proud that I got to participate, the only sad part is not being able to keep the finished piece for myself.
oh well I'll just have to purchase one of the watch bezels she has for sale in her etsy store and make another one for my own use.

working with two part resin takes some practice to get it to set hard and without bubbles. I think it tuned out quite well, given that it's only the second piece I've made with resin.
here is the photo Carmi took of my finished piece.   (her photo is so much better than mine)
  I entitled it "Trapped in Time".

 I embedded a largish chunk of Baltic amber I had in my stash plus some bits and pieces of old watches (gears etc)
 I hand stamped a "pine bough" on some marbled paper- to represent where Amber comes from (fossilised pine tree sap) and used it as a backdrop for the collage of parts.
The coiled wire is to represent a coil spring found in old style watches.
From that I created a dangle with gunmetal wire and a  piece of honey white amber.
The watch hand and topmost gear are slightly embedded on the surface of the resin so they can be felt.
I hope you take the time to pop over to Carmi's blog or her Pinterest site and check out what the other designers made with their bezels.


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