Octoberfest Blog Hop 2014

Today is the reveal for the third annual Octoberfest Blog Hop hosted by our fearless leader Rita of Toltec Jewels. 
Our mission, should we choose to accept it - and I did - is to create something that reflects this time of year , AUTUMN, in all it's glorious splendour. Here in eastern Ontario  in Canada  our leaves turn the most beautiful colours, sadly this year most of our leaves have already fallen. But the memory of their hues remains. I have been playing around with reclaimed/recycled copper sheet (think roofing materials). 
As a scrapbooker I have a ton of embossing folders and thin copper sheet gets the most wonderful designs or textures when it is run through my machine with these folders. 
I have been prepping for an art tour next week and so have a few thing to show off. One of my fave techniques is wire work, this time in copper as it's less expensive than silver and really relates to the colours of Autumn.  I hope you enjoy my picture show. 
wire work goddess with agate nuggets
wire work leaf in copper and silver with mixed gemstones

embossed fall scene- copper on leather 
embossed copper with handmade bail 
copper wire coils and sheet, on leather backing 
copper sheet hammered to create ruffles
                       silver clay leaf oxidised to add fall colour ,
               pearls and glass beads with silver links 

 You can see the other artists creations by visiting the Host site 
where you will find a list with all the links 
thanks for visiting 
Happy Fall y"all


  1. I love that Goddess figure, she is beautiful. All of your creations are lovely.

  2. I have that folder :) It's one of my favorites. Beautiful pieces!

  3. Wow so many pieces inspired by the colors of fall. Love your wirework

    1. thanks for visiting and leaving a lovely comment.

  4. Great designs! I really love the Wirework Goddess as this is the time of the year that I feel the closest to the Goddess.

  5. Hi Deb, Great job showing fall. Your embossing is lovely.

  6. Ok I love the wire work goddess and the wire work leave and the copper on leather and and and....O I love them all, such beautiful pieces, great designs!

  7. I am loving your embossed copper. Copper is rapidly becoming my favorite metal to work with. How awesome would it be to have a machine that could emboss copper sheet like this! I want one now!!!

  8. Your work with wire and metal is amazing, I love your jewelry!

  9. The embossed copper is fantastic! And your fold formed copper is too!!

  10. Oooooh, the leaves!!! Beautiful work... After looking at all your pieces, the ruffles became ♥ my favourite.

  11. Fantastik pieces, I love the copper wire coils best.

  12. love the embossed copper pieces. I really love the mixed gemstones piece. All beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Love those embosed copper pendants... and the leaves even more. They are magical!

  14. Such wonderful work - I think my favorite is the etched tree, but they are all beautiful!

  15. your jewelry is so beautiful!!
    Well done.

  16. Those copper focals are just lovely.

  17. What a lovely collection! The wirework is wonderful, and I really like the embossed fall scene and the handmade bail on the other embossed copper.


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