I've changed my blog name

Life and design is an ever-changing game. As we grow and mature and change, things that were suitable, slowly become less appropriate for our needs.

Over the last few months I have become dissatisfied with my blog name.
There are so many Studio 24's out there and they apply to many different businesses, hair salons, architecture firms, photographers and so on.
 I had selected studio 24 because I live on the Rideau canal at Lock 24 in Kilmarnock  Ontario. (hence the k in my blog url, if it was even noticed)
I wanted something unique that wouldn't limit how far I could take my branding.

One day I was fooling around with phrases and the one that kept popping up in my head was My Home On The Island . I happen to live on a small island, though given time, and the tendency of nature to take over and fill in back channels with weeds and such, it may one day no longer be an island.

Thus Mhoti Studio was born.

Over the next few months I will be changing the url to reflect my new name but I am in the midst of a blog hop and if I change now it will really muck things up for the other hoppers. So for now I have changed my blog name but not my URL . If you are following me here you can contact me so I can send you an email when this happens. In the meantime stay a while and see what's up.

The Bead Peeps Swap n Hop takes place May 2 2015, I hope you'll come back and visit that day, to see what I made with the beads and things i received from my partner. There will be links to the other participants blogs as well, so it should be a grand hop.

* updated to show new URL *


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